Days of Becoming: An X-Men Movieverse Novel by Talktooloose


A sudden increase in the manifestations of young mutants causes panic across America. Two young mutants, Bobby Drake and St. John Allerdyce follow very different and sometimes converging paths to adulthood. What do you believe in when everything you've trusted is gone? The action begins a year before X1 and finishes following X3.

Warnings for the delicate

This novel contains explicit sexuality, both heterosexual and homosexual. Characters swear as necessary.

This novel was beta-read by kuriadalmatia, mofic and lux_apollo. I am grateful for their precision and passion.

The X-Men are owned by Marvel and 20th Century Fox. My original characters are owned by me.

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BOOK 1: Wake-Up Call

Chapter 1: “I Just Wanna Be Warm”

Chapter 2: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Chapter 3: “Here We Go”

Chapter 4: “Cancer”

Chapter 5: “A Sort of Homecoming

Chapter 6: “Possible Unlikelies”

BOOK 2: From What I’ve Tasted of Desire

Chapter 7: “In Hiding”

Chapter 8: “Measured Response”

Chapter 9: “Like a Wave”

Chapter 10: “Shivering with Anticipation”

Chapter 11: “Two Small Rooms, Part I”

Chapter 12: “Two Small Rooms, Part II”

Chapter 13: “Raccoon Eyes”

Chapter 14: “The Yellow and the Black, Part I”

Chapter 15: “The Yellow and the Black, Part II”

Chapter 16: “Pumpkin Stew”

BOOK 3: The Ballad of Bobby and John

Chapter 17: “All Saints Day”

Chapter 18: “Let the Statue of Liberty See What Lies Inland”

Chapter 19: “Friends Like These, Part I”

Chapter 20: “Friends Like These, Part II”

Chapter 21: “Liberty Spikes”

Chapter 22: “In flagrante delicto

Chapter 23: “Willing to Make Sacrifices (X1)”

Chapter 24: “The Rain in Hadrian’s Soul”

Chapter 25: “Revenge of the Red Widow”


INTERLUDE: Chapter 26: “Nostalgia”

BOOK 4: Riven, Revelling, Reviled

Chapter 27: “Thrown”

Chapter 28: “Cracks in the Dam (X2)”

Chapter 29: “Invasion (X2)”

Chapter 30: “Just Who You’ll Meet in the Dark (X2)”

Chapter 31: “The Torrent (X2)”

Chapter 32: “Good Little Soldiers”

Chapter 33: “Buggered by the Biggest Stevedore in the Port”

Chapter 34: “The Funk (X3), Part I”

Chapter 35: “The Funk (X3), Part II”

Chapter 36: “The Last Flowers of Fall (X3)”

Chapter 37: “Plastic Weapons (X3), Part I”

Chapter 38: “Plastic Weapons (X3), Part II”

Chapter 39: “Plastic Weapons (X3), Part III”

BOOK 5: Love and Power

Chapter 40: “The Strange, Clear Light of Morning”

Chapter 41: “Spending Our Days Waiting for Tomorrow”

Chapter 42: “Ghosts in the Smoke”

Chapter 43: “Loose Threads and the Ties that Bind”

EPILOGUE: Chapter 44: “Oh! You Pretty Things!”


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